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At the lake
Charted Way provides individuals and families impacted by life-threatening medical hardship the means to rest, recover and revive at the lake.

What we do

Charted Way provides a week of respite (rest and relief) at the lake for families who have experienced life-threatening medical hardships.


Charted Way families will be enjoying Lake Gaston.

Family Fishing
Family Kayaking

Who we serve

Charted Way serves individuals and families within 2 years of a life-threatening medical hardship. 

Charted Way serves bereaved families within 2 years of losing an immediate family member to a medical illness. 

How you can help

Become a Course Changer and help us provide families affected by life-threatening medical hardships time to rest, recover and revive.

Lake House Owner

We are looking for lake homeowners to join Charted Way! Learn more about donating a rental week or your home.

Cash Donations

Be a part of providing rest to families with a cash donation to Charted Way

Corporate Sponsor

Interested in becoming a corporate sponsor? Click below to learn more. 

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